Virtual Library Lesson
CNA 100: Principles in Human Communication

The following lesson is designed to introduce students in beginning speech courses to library resources and research strategies that will assist them in finding, developing, and researching speech topics.


Instructor Directions


There are three different recommended strategies to cover this material:

  1. In-class presentation using videos as teacher prep.
    View the videos to develop your own individualized lesson plan as best fits the needs of your students and your course material.  Use the student handout as an optional resource.

  2. In-class presentation using videos as visual aids.
    This method will take at least 30-45 minutes.  Pass out the student handouts.  Then view each of the videos in class together, pausing in between for comments and clarification.

  3. Outside student assignment.
    Refer students to the virtual lesson website, instructing them to watch the videos and complete the student handout on their own.  This may be a graded or ungraded assignment.

If you would like your students to have computer access while presenting this material in class, you may consider reserving the library computer lab, LI210B. Just contact the ITC department at 375-7270 or


An answer key to the Student Handout is also available to instructors upon request. Contact Valerie Knight for a copy.





  1. Credo Reference (4:59)
  2. Library Catalog (4:50)
  3. CQ Researcher (4:48)
  4. Communication and Mass Media Complete (4:59)
  5. Biography Reference Bank (6:34)
  6. Internet Research via Google (3:45)

If you need any additional assistance or direction with your research or these resources, stop by the Reference Desk during operating hours or email us at


Last update: Fall 2010