The Super3
The Super3 is the early childhood version of The Big6 Skillstm.  The Big6 Skillstm was written by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz.  If you click on their names,  you can view more information about them.

What is the Super3?
This table shows the comparison of the Big6tm and the Super3.
                  The Super3                                                                          The Big6tm Research Program Map

Beginning Task Definition
Information Seeking Strategies
Middle Location and Access
Use of Information
End Synthesis
Why the Super3?
Some teachers and librarians were concerned that the Big6 was too much for children.  With the Super3, teachers are able to use vocabulary that children understand.

Super 3 Lessons
under construction...check back soon!  This page will serve as a resource link to lesson plans and ideas for the K-3 educator.

Created by Tami J. Little.