Scrapbooking in the Classrom
Lesson Plan Guide

Write a simple lesson plan using the skills from the Big 6 Skills Approach.  To find more information about the Big Six Skills, go to

Grade Level:
Subject Area:

Materials Needed:

Time Needed:

General Directions:

Task Definition:
What do you want the students to know or do?
What information will they need to know to complete the task?

Information Seeking Strategies:
What are the possible sources the students will need?  Internet URLs?

Location and Access:
Where will the students find the information?
Who can help the students, the teacher?

Information Use:
How will the students record the information they find?
How do you want them to give credit to their sources?

What product or performance do you expect the students to complete?
What format do they present their product and their sources?

How will you assess the studentsí final product?
How will the students assess their process and product?