Theoretical Math


Theoretical Mathematics

Wayne State College offers a Bachelor degree in mathematics. There are three different concentrations to choose from: (1) Applied Mathematics (50 hours), (2) Theoretical Mathematics (50 hours), and (3) 7-12 Field Endorsement in Mathematics (42 hours).

The Theoretical Mathematics degree is for those who enjoy mathematics, wish to use mathematics in support of another field of study, and/or pursue advanced studies in mathematics.

The concentration in Theoretical Mathematics shares a common core of courses with the other two. This core includes courses in: calculus, foundations of mathematics, linear algebra, real analysis, probability and statistics, and a scholarly experience. In addition to core courses, students will be taking courses in differential equations, geometry, abstract algebra, and numerical analysis. Students have the opportunity of taking 9 credit hours of electives. Students are highly encouraged to complete a minor in biology, chemistry, computer science, and/or physics.