Applied Mathmatics


Applied Mathematics

Wayne State College offers a Bachelor degree in mathematics. There are three different concentrations to choose from: (1) Applied Mathematics (50 hours), (2) Theoretical Mathematics (50 hours), and (3) 7-12 Field Endorsement in Mathematics (42 hours).

The Applied Mathematics degree is for those who enjoy applying mathematics to answer questions such as:

  • How do you cram enough data through a high-bandwidth communication network to deliver large data sets reliably?
  • How might disease spread in populated areas in the event of a bioterrorism attack?
  • How can you allocate an investment among various financial instruments to meet a risk/reward trade-off?
  • How does protein, like an enzyme, fold into a molecular shape? Where are the active sites on the molecule?


The Applied Mathematics degree program is designed to mesh with studies in pre-engineering. Students can choose to complete a prescribed pre-engineering program while completing an applied mathematics degree program. The students would then be able to transfer to an engineering school with a jump start on completing an engineering degree.

The Applied Mathematics degree program is also designed to mesh with studies in physics, biology, computer science, or one of many other disciplines. Students can choose an emphasis in (1) mathematical physics, (2) biology, or (3) computer science and are highly encouraged to complete a minor in physics, biology, and/or computer science to support the emphasis.

The concentration in Applied Mathematics shares a common core of courses with the other two. This core includes courses in: calculus, foundations of mathematics, linear algebra, real analysis, probability and statistics, and a scholarly experience. In addition to core courses, students will be taking courses in computer science, differential equations, discrete mathematics, more probability and statistics, numerical analysis, mathematical physics, and a possible emphasis (physics, biology, or computer science).