Christina J. Rutten

    I am a freshman at Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska. Currently I am an undeclared major, but I plan to declare secondary education as my major with endorsements in English and math. On campus I am involved in the Wind Ensemble, Habitat for Humanity, intramural activities, and Alpha Lambda Delta.

    I came to Wayne from Norfolk, Nebraska where I have lived for approximately 10 years. My family, which consists of my parents, 2 sisters, and 1 brother, still resides in Norfolk.

    I chose my topic, "When Does Life Begin?" for a few different reasons. I have always been a strong pro-life advocate. I am deeply opposed to abortion for several reasons including moral and ethical reasons. When told to make a web site which regards a controversial biology issue, I thought of the abortion issue. Most pro-choice advocates support abortion because they do not believe that life begins at conception. Therefore, I decided to investigate this issue to determine whether or not life does begin at conception.

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