The Biologic Certainties
    The question, "When does human life begin?" is a controversial one in which many different theories have attempted to locate an answer. Many philosophical theories have been proposed throughout the years,  but these lack scientific evidence. Even when evidence is present, considerable leaps to conclusions must be made.

    Therefore, when seeking a truly scientific answer to this question, we need to temporarily disregard the philosophical answers and focus on the indisputable scientific facts. An examination of this question through the eyes of a scientist and a biologist will reveal answers which simply cannot be ignored or refuted.

    3 different biological areas help determine when human life begins:

  The definition of life: Can the fertilized egg be considered a living organism from a
            biological standpoint?

  Stages of development: Do the biologic facts of development from conception until birth show
            that the unborn being is human?

  The mother versus the fetus: Are they two distinct beings?

When Does Life Begin? This short article provides quotations from several doctors and professors who address the
            question of when life begins. These experts use scientific facts and information to provide convincing
            arguments and analogies to state that life begins at conception.

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