When Does Human
          Life Begin?
            By:  Christina Rutten

                                       Many answers have been offered to answer the question,
                                                           "When does human life begin?"  This question has become
                                                           quite controversial in the past few decades, especially as
                                                           it relates to the issue of abortion. Pro-choice defenders
                                                           tend to declare that life begins at some point other than
                                                           conception while pro-life proponents usually support the
                                                           idea that life begins at conception.

                                                           The issue does not possess a simple answer. Many different
                                                           ways of examining the issue provide many conflicting
                                                           viewpoints. Most theories can be divided into two categories:
                                                           philosophic theories and biological theories. By
                                                           examining these two types of theories closely, an answer to
                                                           this question may be determined. This answer will determine
                                                           if abortion kills human life or no life at all.


  The Philosophic Theories
  The Biological Theories

 Is Abortion Murder?
  Literature Cited

  Abortion: Questions and Answers: This book  by Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke addresses the issue of
                                                    abortion. The first chapter addresses questions relating to abortion such as "When does life
                                                    begin?" The next chapters present information on the history of abortion, fetal
                                                   development, an explanation of abortions, social questions which relate to the medical
                                                    perspective, social impact, and the pro-life movement. Finally, a collection of photos is

  The Moral Question of Abortion: Dr. Stephen Schwarz has written this book to provide his
                                                    answers to many questions relating to abortion, including a determination of the beginning
                                                    of human life. Scientific facts are presented along with many philosophical theories which
                                                    draw lines as to when life begins.
  Abortion: All Sides of the Issue: This web site provides an abundance of information on abortion.
                                                    Determining the beginning of life is one of the first issues that is addressed. Fetal
                                                    development is also described. Many other abortion related issues are addressed such as
                                                    the religious aspects, public opinion, abortion laws, and abortion methods.


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