Phil Lewis

  Complete List of Phil Lewis Productions        
Title Client Length Goal Role Date Produced
"School at the Center" Annenburg Foundation 20mins Promotional tool depicting the place-based programs taking place in rural Nebraska Writer, Director, Editor Winter 1998
"Zietgiest" Independent 30:00 Follows 6 Gypsy kids as they learn about theatre in London England Director, Editor Winter 1997
"Kop's Kids" Independent 30:00 Documentary about Gypsy children learning Drama as a form of expression Editor, writer Fall 1997
"Use Us" MKDSZ 12:00 Promoting MKDSZ services to Hungary Co-Writer, Director Summer 1997
"HBO-Inter Cuts" HBO Hungary 7 x3:00 Promote HBO as family entertainment Writer, Director Fall 1996
"Kappa Sports Shoes" Kappa  :30 Television Commercial Writer, Director Summer 1996
Promotional Video BBJ 10:00 Sales presentation video Writer, Director Spring 1996
"HBO Spring -Summer" HBO Hungary 6 x 2:00 Promotional material regarding  Writer, Director Spring 1996
"Getz Travel Donut" Getz :30 Television Commercial Exec. Producer Winter 1995
"Promo" iSYS Hungary :30 Television Commercial Exec. Producer Winter 1995
"Generation Xpat" Various 4:48 Aquaint Foreign new-comers to Hungary living Writer, Director, Producer Winter 1995
"HBO Winter Campaign" HBO Hungary 6 x 3:00 Show HBO customers the value of HBO CO-writer, Director, Executive Producer Fall 1995
"Essay Contest" HLS :20 Television Commercial Executive Producer Fall 1995
"KWAI" Shearing Plough :15 Television Commercial Director Winter 1995
"Movin Up" SmithKline Beecham 5:00 Sales incentive video Writer, Director Summer 1994
"Sales Video" American Hospitality 15:00 Present Hungar Hotels to AH Writer, Director Spring 1994
"Rama Chilled Project" Unilever 12:00 Emphasize importance of keeping Rama margarine cool in the summer Writer, Director, Producer Spring 1994
"1994 Roadshow" Coca Cola Amatil 1:00 Present Coca Cola's annual achievements to every employee Writer, director, Producer Spring 1993
"Promotional" Loranger 15:00 Sales and Promotion for Loranger to  Writer, Director Fall 1992
"Diversity" PPS 15:00 Promotion for Portland Public Schools Writer, Director 1992
"Public Library" PPS 4:00 Using the Library as a research tool Writer, Director, Talent 1992
"Cleveland" PPS 12:000 Promotional Tool used for recruiting   Writer, Director, Editor 1992
"Cross Platform" PPS 22:00 Introducing teachers to the new curriculu in science and language arts  Writer, Director, Editor 1991
"Mountain Biking" PPS 3:00 Teaching proper techniques of Mountain biking to youth  Writer, Director, Talent 1991
"Benson"` PPS 15:00 Promotional tool for new curriculum  Writer, Director, Editor 1991
"Homework Hotline" PPS 1:30 Daily live, call in, homework help show Director, creator 1990-1992
"Mt. Hood Jazz" MTV 15:00 Award winner documentary about the Mt. Hood Jazz festival Director, Writer, Editor 1990
"Teach Your Children" MTV 5x:30 Award winning public service campaign Director, Producer 1990
"Check it out" MTV 2:30 Daily show regarding happenings at the public library. Writer Director producer 1990
"Drum Corps International" WTIU 2:30 Live 12 camera show of Drum Corps bands performing Videographer 1990
"Political World" Music Television 3:30 Music video starring Bob Dylan, directed by John Melloncamp Production Coordinator 1989
"Mukfa, a fun place" Indiana Arts Comm. 20:00 Animated film concieved by artist, Ron Markman Producer 1989
"Drum Corps International" WTIU 2:30 Live on 112 PBS stations, and ESPN,  Videographer 1989
      showing performances of Drum Corps    
"Little Pink Houses" Music Television 2:50 Music video featuring John Melloncamp Cinematagrapher. Coordinator 1988
Various Commercials KPIC (CBS) xxx Shot, directed and produced all commercial content for local television station   1986-1988
"Evening NEWS" KPIC 6:00 Daily live news production Director 1986-1988
Various Commercials KVAL (CBS) xxx Wrote, shot and directed commercial content for Eugene, Oregon market TV   1985-1986
"University of Michigan" U of M 10:00 Promotional video for the university Assistant Camera 1984
"Service Training" IBM 12:00 CD-ROM to train service employees  Camera Assistant 1984
"Fiero" Pontiac 12:00 Promotional tool for GM employees Camera Assistant 1984
"Reading Academy" Ford Motor 1:00 Documentary about a breakthrough reading program for Ford employees  Director, Producer 1984
"Waste Water" Ford Motor 12:00 Teaching employees how to use the new system for waste water treatment Director, Producer, writer 1983
"PCM compressor" Ford Motor 9:00 12 part series training engineers in maintanence of PCM compressor" Director, Producer 1983
"Satisfaction Guaranteed" KYW-TV 6:00 Weekly show for Philadelphia, PA market about consumer "rip-offs" Production Assistant 1982

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By P Lewis