The Stained Photo Gallery:
Waiters HO! 
A good portion of the Stained Waiter Ultimate team
What is he smiling about?  Candice?
3D is always there!
"This game is all attitude"
Close to ground an advantage for her!Lauren "Ho Queen" Senn Don't get close, he'll catch you on fire!Rob "Pyro" Fenton
This boy is BAD!John Bintz ...faster than a speeding bullet!Kristine "Kristain" Kopperud
Do not underestimate her attitude... she's deadly!Lori "Blossom" Alexander 
Some call him Pusher!Shawn "Hoosier" Pearcy
Where will he go?  What will he do next?John "The Gimp" Dunning Reach for it!Dave "Grabber" Graber
We let him play on our teamPhil "Louie" Lewis Zen and the art of Ultimate!Jeremy Brand
Mickey would be proud!Susan "Minnie" Krohn Faster than a Mayfly in June!Kevin "3D" Alexander
Last Modified: July 21, 1998