Wayne State College School of Education and Counseling

Teacher Education Student Advisement Process
Professional Progress Committee

Purpose:  The purpose of the Teacher Education Student Advisement Sessions with the Professional
Progress Committee is to provide assistance to the student in eliminating the causes of concerns raised
with her/his progress in the Teacher Education Program.

Process:  Through the Teacher Education Student Advisement Process, the Professional Progress
Committee (PPC) assists students in the performance of the following tasks:

1.  To identify the areas of concern in the studentís academic and/or attitudinal performance;

2.  To assist the student in the determining of behaviors (goals) to eliminate the concern(s);

3. To assist the student in the development of a Written Plan to indicate the strategies
  the student will use to eliminate the concerns.  The PPC will select the deadline for
  submission of the Written Plan;

4. To clearly establish the process to evaluate and report the studentís progress toward
meeting the goals using the Assessment of Progress Form.  This form will provide evidence of
the studentís progress as noted by the studentís current teachers. The deadline for submission
of the Assessment of Progress Forms to the Office of Field Experience is 4:00 p.m. on the last
day of regular classes each month;

5. To outline the process and deadline for a Student Progress Summary to be submitted to the
PPC at the end of each semester during the Student Advisement Process.  The Student Progress
Summary should include a summary of the studentís efforts toward eliminating the concerns.  This
may include supportive evidence provided by the studentís current teachers;

Outcome: At the end of each semester the Professional Progress Committee will convene an
Evidence Assessment Meeting to examine the Assessment of Progress forms, and the
Student Progress Summary, and subsequently will make one of the following recommendations
to the Dean of Education:

1. Continued participation in the Teacher Education Program;

2.   Conditional participation in the Teacher Education Program;  (These conditions may
include an extension of the monitoring period, and/ or the repeating of coursework
and/or field experiences, and/or other terms as determined by the PPC.)

3. Dismissal from the Teacher Education Program; (This action results when there is a lack of
sufficient, acceptable, supportive evidence and/or a lack of compliance to prescribed deadlines.)


revised 2/02/01