At  Least 75 Books Anthropologists Should Read                                                                                         

                    Many of these authors have more than one outstanding book

    Arnold, Dean A.  Ceramic Theory and Cultural Process

    Barber, Elizabeth Wayland    Women's Work

    Benedict, Ruth    The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

                                    Patterns of Culture

    Braziller, George    The Blood of Kings

    Campbell, Joseph    The Hero with a Thousand Faces

                                        many other books

    Daniel, Glyn    A Short History of Archaeology

    Davies, Nigel    The Toltecs

    Davis, Simon J. M.    The Archaeology of Animals

    Diamond, Jared    Guns, Germs, and Steel

    Donnan, Christopher B. and C. William Clewlow, Jr.,    Ethnoarchaeology

    Dorson, Richard M.    Folklore and Folklife

    Drinkard, Joel F., Jr., Gerald L. Mattingly, J. Maxwell Miller, editors

                Benchmarks in Time and Culture

    Eliade, Mercea    The Sacred and the Profane

                                    many other books

    Evans, John G.    An Introduction to Environmental Archaeology

    Fagan, Brian    Time Detectives

    Fathy, Hassan    Architecture for the Poor

    Fernea, Elizabeth Warnock    Guests of the Sheik

                                                        A Street in Marrakesh

    Fouts, Roger    Next of Kin

    Gimbutus, Marija    The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe

    Glueck, Nelson    The Other Side of Jordan

    Hall, Edward T.    The Silent Language

                                     The Dance of Life

                                    The Hidden Dimenstion

                                    Beyond Culture

    Hodder, Ian    Reading the Past

    Hoffman, Michael A.    Egypt Before the Pharoahs

    Horne, Lee    Village Spaces

    Ibn Khaldun    al-Muqaddimah

    Joukowsky, Martha    A Complete Manual of Field Archaeology

    Kehoe, Alice Beck    North American Indians

    Kemp, Barry J.    Ancient Egypt

    Kent, Susan    Analyzing Activity Areas

    Lessa, William A. and Evon Z Vogt, editors    Reader in Comparative Religion

    Levine, Lawrence W.    Black Culture and Black Consciousness

    Levi-Straus, Claude    The Naked Man

    Longacre, William    Ceramic Ethnoarchaeology

    Malinowski, Bronislaw    Argonauts of the West Pacific

    Mallory, J. P.     In Search of Indo-Europeans

    Matson, Frederick R.    Ceramics and Man

    Maxwell, Gavin    People of the Reeds

    Mead, Margaret        MANY BOOKS

    Mellaart, James    The Neolithic of the Near East

    Molnar, Stephan    Human Variation

    Neumann, Erik    The Great Mother   

    Orton, Clive, Paul Tyers and Alan Vince    Pottery in Archaeology

    Prag, John and Richard Neave    Making Faces

    Renfrew, Colin    Archaeology and Language

    Rice, Prudence M.    Pottery Analysis

    Rice, Prudence M., editor    Pots and Potters

    Roberts, Charlotte and Keith Manchester    The Archaeology of Disease

    Robinson, Andrew    The Story of Writing

    Rosen, Arlene Miller    Cities of Clay

    Rowing, J.K.    The Harry Potter Series

    Schiffer, Michael b.    Formation Processes of the Archaeological Record

    Schmandt-Besserat, Denise    Before Writing

    Senner, Wayne M., editor    The Origins of Writing

    Shepard, Anna O.    Pottery for the Archaeologist

    Soustelle, Jacques    The Olmecs

    Spindler, George and Louise, editors    Case Studies in Anthropology

                    There are dozens of Case Studies.  The scholar should read at least 10.

    Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall    The Harmless People

                                                        Warrior Herdsmen

    Tolkien, J.R.R.    The Hobbit

                                    The Lord of the Rings

    Tufte, Edward R.    The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

    Turnbull, Colin M.    The Mountain People 

    Ucko, Peter J., editor    The Domestication and Exploitation of Plants and Animals

    Willey, Gordon R. and Jeremy Sabloff    A History of American Archaeology

    Weiner, Jonathan    Beak of the Finch