Course Syllabus
CSL 196-01/02: Career Planning
Fall Semester, 2014

One (1) Credit Hour


Instructor: Ron Vick, MA, LMHP-CPC
Office: Student Center (SC) 103 - M-F, 8-5p.m. (by appointment please!)
Phone: 402.375.7321


Classroom: BE 142

Day/Time: MW 1:00-1:50 PM

NOTE: Section 01 meets from 08/18/2014 through 10/08/2014. Section 02 meets from 10/15/2014 through 12/01/2014. Remember which section you are enrolled in!

Prerequisite: No course prerequisites required.


Text: No text book required. SAKAI Companion site:


Intended Audience: The course is designed for undeclared undergraduate students who desire to learn more about career and life planning and apply it to their own lives.

How is this Class Related to Other Courses? Research has demonstrated that students who are more crystallized in their career path are more focused in their academic endeavors. While learning career and life planning concepts, students will participate in experiential activities to assist them in their own career planning process.

Mode of Instruction: Although there will be some lecture, this class is taught primarily through experiential and group exercises and experiences. Individual participation will be expected. There will be some quizzes and class exercises, as well as written assignments. Your instructor is more of a guide leading you to the resources you can use to do the career planning process effectively.

Purpose of the Course: This class is designed to introduce students to career and life planning concepts and how to apply these to their own lives. The class will involve readings, experiential exercises and activities, small group discussion, and written exercises.


Course Objectives:

  1. Students will participate in learning-centered activities and experiences to become familiar with career planning activities and apply this knowledge to their own career and life planning.
  2. Students will participate in learning-centered activities and experiences to become familiar with the career decision-making process, including the role of self-concept, and apply this knowledge to their own career and life planning.
  3. Students will assess their own interests, values, strengths and weaknesses pertaining to life and career planning.
  4. Students will explore majors and careers related to their personal characteristics.
  5. Students will demonstrate effective career management and job seeking skills.
  6. Students will participate in experiential and learning activities towards narrowing down career interests to a few options for further investigation.
  7. Students will be able to explain why career decision-making is a lifelong process.


Course Schedule:

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Holland/O*Net Activity





Find Your Gifts/Talents



Motivation & Career Anchors Assessment


Skills & Values Activities



Out-of-Class meeting w/instructor


Self-Discovery Fun



Paper – “My Career Planning Process”


Nebraska Career Connections...



Decision-Making Worksheet


Career Services



Final Test



Total possible points: 1000

Grading Scale:





A = 1000-900 | B = 899-800 | C = 799 -700 | D = 699-600 | Less than 600 = Fail



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