Schedule - CSL 196-0001 (12674)






Week 1

Monday, August 18

Introduction to course | General Education | Career Portfolio | Self-Directed Search Activity

Wednesday, August 20

Holland Codes | Holland/O*Net Interest Profiler (Sakai activity). Begin making appointments for the first "One-On-One Meeting w/Instructor" (Sakai sctivity).


Week 2

Monday, August 25

Find Your Gifts and Talents (Sakai sctivity).

Wednesday, August 27

Interests, Values, Skills (also see Activities, various assessments, online assessments) also a Sakai activity


Week 3

Monday, September 1

No Class - Labor Day

Wednesday, September 3

Skills and values, cont...; Multiple Intelligences; Nebraska Career Connections (Kuder® Career Interests Assessment, Kuder® Skills Confidence Assessment-A, and Kuder® Work Values Assessment) - Sakai activity


Week 4

Monday, September 8

Nebraska Career Connections, cont.; 40+ Unusual Careers | Research unusual careers on the internet | Read about some Middle Class Careers that are expected to vanish by 2018

Wednesday, September 10

Self-Discovery Fun ( Sakai activity) In today's class we will begin doing a variety of tests on the online assessments page, particularly those found under the "Test Yourself" heading... -


Week 5

Monday, September 15

Self_Discovery Fun Cont...: Personality and Careers | Take the Star Wars Personality Test | Take the Morals & Personality Test | Take the Music & Personality Test | Begin making appointments for the second "One-On-One Meeting w/Instructor" (Sakai sctivity).

Wednesday, September 17

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) | Further research using the links page and other internet resources...


Week 6

Monday, September 22

Motivation and Career Anchors - Excel scoring sheet) | Decision-Making Worksheet you can also use a (DMW Excel version that calculates) - these are Sakai activities

Wednesday, September 24

Guest speaker from Career Services: Jessie Piper will talk about cover letters, resumes, and Internships...


Week 7

Monday, September 29

Guest speaker from Career Services: Heather Reinhardt will talk about interviewing...

Wednesday, October 1

Start your paper – “My Career Planning Process” Click here for details on your paper. Also a Sakai activity


Week 8

Monday, October 6

Continue working on/finish your paper...

Wednesday, October 8

Final Class - paper due; DECLARE YOUR MAJOR (or at least have some ideas in mind...); Take the final test; read Ineffective Daily Affirmations and Thoughts from Steven Wright Chaos, panic, and disorder everywhere... my work here is done!