Activities > Paper: “My Career Planning Process”


For this assignment, I would like you to tell me about your career planning process. What activities were helpful, what activities were not helpful, what you learned about youself, etc.


Describe where you were at before you started, and where you are now. If you have chosen a major/career that's great! If not, that is OK as well. Hopefully participation in this class has, at the very least, helped you to identify some possibilities.


The paper should be a MINIMUM of 2 pages (MAXIMUM of 5 pages) long, double-spaced. Use 12 point font so it is easy to read, and remember to use paragraphs so it it not one long block of text! Include your name, class title and section, and any other information you feel important for identification in the upper left corner. If you reference other peoples' work, be sure to cite your references appropriately! APA style is the preferred format for references and citations.


You will be graded on content of the paper more than the technical aspects, but being an efficient writer is a skill we all need to develop, so use your spell check and check your grammar. If you have any questions, or want some feedback on rough drafts, please let me know.


Suggested headings/section breaks:

My starting point


My Career Planning Process

     Helpful Activities

     NOT Helpful Activities

     What I learned about myself


NOTE: I am NOT looking for a long list of reasons why you did not like a particular activity. I am fully aware that some of you have disliked at least one of the activities. I am also aware that someone else in the class is likely to say this same activity was the best one for them. That is why we do so many activities - some will help, some will not help. If you did not like an activity, simply say it was not helpful and move on to describe in more detail what was helpful, and why. I do not need to know all the reasons why you did not like something, but processing what you did like can be helpful at this point...


My current status

     Major/Career you have chosen

          - or -

     Majors/Careers you are considering

          - or -

     I have no idea and/or don't care - I just took this class because I needed the credit hour!