Courses taught by Dr. Bertolas
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GEO 120  World Regional Geography Every Fall and Spring semester
GEO 325  Geography of Recreation, Tourism and Sports Spring 2015
GEO 360  Geography of Russia Spring 2015
GEO 305  Political Geography Fall 2015
GEO 430  Geographic Information Systems
Fall 2015
GEO 410  Hazards and Disasters Spring 2016
GEO 490  Geography and History of Nebraska Spring 2016
GEO 300  Human Geography Fall 2016
GEO 340  Geography of the United States and Canada Fall 2016
GEO 497  Internship in Geography
Arranged by advisor 
GEO 395  Independent Study and GEO 499 Honors Colloquium
Arranged by advisor 

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  Course Rotation in Geography at WSC for upcoming semesters.

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