Geography and Earth Science Courses

** Required courses in the Geography Major at Wayne State College.

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EAS 110  Introduction to Meteorology (4 credits)**
An introduction to the physical Earth with emphasis on atmospheric and oceanic processes.

EAS 120  Introduction to Geology (4)**   Dilliard
A study of the solid Earth in terms of its internal structure and surface landforms.

GEO 120  World Regional Geography (3)**   BertolasRawlings
A global survey of the geographic interrelationships between people and their environments.

GEO 300  Human Geography (3)   Bertolas
A geographic examination of the social and cultural activities of humans.

GEO 305  Political Geography (3)   Bertolas
A study of geographic factors as they pertain to national and international political problems.

GEO 315  World Economic Geography (3)**   Rawlings
A study of resource use, locational choices and regional specialization in a global economy.

GEO 320  Urban Geography (3)   Rawlings
A theoretical and comparative study of the city stressing the consequences of urbanization.

GEO 325  Geography of Recreation, Tourism and Sports (3)   Bertolas
A geographic survey of gaming, leisure travel, wilderness, ecotourism and national parks.

GEO 410/510 Geography of Hazards and Disasters (3)   Bertolas
A geographic look at hazards that occur in nature and disasters caused by humankind.

GEO 425/525  Urban GIS (3)   Rawlings
Application of ArcGIS software to gain mastery of GIS techniques.

GEO 430/530  Geographic Information Systems (3)**   Bertolas
Learning to use ArcGIS software to visualize and query geographically referenced data.
GEO 435/535  Computer Mapping (3)  
Studying the science of cartography and using ArcGIS software to create maps.

GEO 490 Geography and History of Nebraska (3)   Bertolas 
Examining the geographic and historic qualities of Nebraska in the context of the Great Plains.
Plus a wide range of Geography electives focusing on specific regions:

GEO 340  Geography of the United States and Canada (3)  Bertolas
GEO 350  Geography of Europe (3)  
GEO 360  Geography of Russia (3)
GEO 370  Geography of
Latin America (3)  Rawlings  
GEO 380  Geography of Asia (3)  

And Earth Science electives, too:
EAS 350  Climate Change (3)  
EAS 396  Historical Geology (3)  
EAS 401  Astronomy (4)  
EAS 430  Oceanography (3)