Pi Gamma Mu Qualifications Worksheet

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All WSC students are screened for PGM eligibility every semester.  Qualifications are as follows

  The student's minimum overall class rank is based on work completed at WSC:

    Seniors (+90 hours) ________ must be in the upper third of class (GPA cut-off varies by semester)
    Juniors (60-89 hours) ________ must be in the upper third of class (
GPA cut-off varies by semester)

–  60 hours required overall (at least Junior standing)
          –   20 hours required in social science courses (minimum 3.0 GPA)
          –   Transfer students must have completed at least 24 hours at WSC

Specific Courses

Student must have completed the following courses UNLESS graduating at end of current term. 
        – Minimum of one course per requirement area below:

At least one course in either GEO or ECO (SSC 319 substitutes for ECO)

At least one course in HIS

    At least one course in POS (substitutes could include SSC 300, 319, 419 or any cross-listed course
such as CJA 200 or GEO 305)

    At least one course in SOC or PSY or CJA.

    No “F” grade in any SSC course.