Pi Gamma Mu Activities at Wayne State College, Nebraska
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Former WSC students and PGM members Wes Blecke and Eric Knutson
are hosted at a student seminar by Dr. Jean Karlen.  Spring 2014
Aubrey Strong - "2013-14 Outstanding PGM Chapter Member"

PGM Historian Kayla Dolphin is very proud of the PGM tree
entered in the 2008 Festival of Trees.  December, 2008.
Faculty vs. Students Bowling Challenge won again by the
faculty.  January 31, 2008.

PGM helped raise money through its "Soup Luncheon" on behalf
of the Every Woman Matters Foundation.  October, 2008.
WSC President Collings greets PGM speaker and former
student Dr. Tom Carsey, now at UNC-Chapel Hill.  March 13, 2008.

PGM Pres. Matt Pernicek and VP Cara Watchorn admire
the Pi Gamma Mu entry in the Festival of Trees.  Dec 5, 2005.
Cara Watchorn, Josie Wolff, and Matthew Pernicek are super
excited to be decorating entries in the 2005 Festival of Trees.

Dr. Karsky and Dr. Blair love giving back to the community. Josh Zimmerman loves his tree.              Mark Polenske invites you to vote.

Lacey Schwochow and Sarah Tasich hope to
beat the faculty at bowling.   Dec 1, 2005
Prof Susan Ellis and Sr. Maria Gabriel Moore get ready to compete in
the friendly "Faculty vs. Students Bowling Challenge."

PGM sponsors Dr. Susan Ellis who speaks about her experience
leading the Nebraska Semester Abroad program.  
Oct 27, 2005
(l-r) Lisa Nelson, Dr. Ellis, Cara Watchorn, Matt Pernicek.  
PGM co-sponsors a Soup Fund Raiser to support the
"Every Woman Matters" Foundation during Breast
and Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.  Oct 27, 2005

"A Visit with Alexander Hamilton" - February 12, 2004 PGM President Andrew Luce thanks Dr. Don Hickey, WSC History Professor,
for his outstanding "living history" portrayal of Alexander Hamilton.

Dr. Karlen gets her nails done by Phi Beta Lambda during
the Soup Fund Raiser.
Dr. Campbell wanted to get his nails done, too.  Real men
aren't afraid to make a fashion statement.

   Student Center comes alive             PGM members wrap gifts for
   during 2004 Festival of Trees.           local families in need.

Anuja Ghimire poses next to the First Place entry
in the 2004 PGM-sponsored Festival of Trees.

PGM and Psi Chi (psychology honor society) bring Dr. Seuss alive by
reading to children at the Wayne Public Library.  2 February, 2005.

Who's Who Among College Students in America inducted PGMers
(l-r) Norman Small, Anuja Ghimire, and Anne Willis.  Spring 2005

The madness of PGM-sponsored Students vs. Faculty Bowling.
April 28, 2005.

WSC President Richard Collings is initiated into Pi Gamma Mu
by Vice-president Lisa Nelson.

PGM Officers for 2004-05 (l-r) VP Victor Johnson,
VP Lisa Nelson,
President Norman Small
PGM Officers for 2003-04 (l-r) VP Ross Sukup,
President Andrew Luce, VP Trista Vogt

PGM President Stacy Johnson inducts club advisor
Dr. Bertolas
into official Pi Gamma Mu membership
at the Social Sciences Awards Day, 25 April 2003.

Students and faculty from all the social sciences gather for an
evening of fun at the end-of-year feast.  Social Sciences Banquet,
Wayne Country Club, 25 April 2003.

Psychology professor Miller excitedly receives a mousetrap from
Jodene Barta, to be used in conducting important psychological
research.  Social Sciences Banquet - 25 April 2003.

Students socialize on the veranda prior to chowing down at the buffet.
Social Sciences Banquet - 25 April 2003.

Sociology professor Snowden graciously accepts a gift from
Andrew Tonnies.  Social Sciences Banquet - 25 April 2003.

PGM members gather for a picture in the Connell Hall student
lounge, 22 January 2002.