GEO 499 – Honors Colloquium
Junior/Senior Honors Project
Course Requirements

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Honors Colloquium is where the student conducts research, collects and analyzes information, writes up the results, and presents the findings in a public forum at the semester’s end.

Doing Research: The student will spend the semester conducting, compiling, and presenting their research results.  For example, if a survey instrument was created during GEO 395, it will be distributed, collected, and analyzed during this semester.  If interview subjects were identified in GEO 395, the interviews will be conducted during this semester and information collected will be analyzed.  

Honors Paper: By semester’s end the student will produce a multi-paged research paper detailing the research question, procedures, and results.  The paper will include embedded text citations [e.g., (Smith 1998)] and include a bibliography that follows a particular style chosen by the student (e.g., Chicago, MLA).  

Honors Presentation: The student will present the results of their research in a public forum (colloquium) at semester’s end.  Typically, the colloquium is held in Connell 131 on an afternoon during Study Week (the week before Final Exams).  The student is given a 30-minute time slot.  I recommend a 20-minute presentation allowing approximately 10 minutes for questions from the audience.  Presentations may be done using overhead transparencies, PowerPoint software, or using a limited number of note cards.  Simply reading out loud the term paper to be turned in is discouraged.  Try to create a live presentation for your live audience.

Meeting Frequently With Instructor: A very important part of doing an Honors Colloquium involves meeting with the course supervisor (advisor) on a regular basis during the term, and keeping the supervisor apprised of the progress being made.  These meetings can be held at a regularly scheduled time or as needed.