GEO 395 – Independent Study
Junior/Senior Honors Project
Course Requirements for Dr. Bertolas

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In this class the student conducts a literature review in their chosen area of study, then crafts a detailed research proposal to be used in GEO 499.

Literature Review: The student will produce a multi-paged annotated bibliography citing all research works explored and deemed relevant to the project.  Each citation will consistently follow a particular style chosen by the student (e.g., Chicago, MLA).  Each citation will also feature a paragraph(s) briefly describing the content of the research article or material and how it pertains to the student’s project.  See examples and learn all about writing an annotated bibliography from the Cornell University Library.  For citation styles (including Internet retrievals) consult the online Citation Machine.

Research Proposal: During the semester, the student will fashion a research proposal.  Critical to this proposal is creating the Research Question that stands at the heart of the project.  The Research Question will specify the direction they expect their subsequent GEO 499 research to follow.  The proposal will also identify the methods expected to be used in the research.  For example, will the project involve administration of a survey instrument?  Will research be based on primary or secondary sources of information?  Will interviews be conducted and, if so, with who?  By semester’s end, the student must produce a detailed work plan that will be followed in pursuing GEO 499 (Senior Colloquium) during a subsequent semester.

Meeting Frequently With Instructor: A very important part of Independent Study involves the requirement of meeting on a regular basis with the course supervisor (advisor) during the term, and to keep the supervisor apprised of the progress being made.  These meetings can be held at a regularly scheduled time or as needed.

How Do You Get Started?  Bring me a proposed title (general, not specific) for your project along with a typed bibliography (any style, 4 or 5 entries) dealing with your topic of interest.  We will fill out the Honors Program application forms together in a few minutes.