2008 Pi Gamma Mu Triennial Convention
Atlanta, Georgia   October 23-25
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"When will we get to Atlanta?"  PGMers pause at the St. Louis Arch.   Over 600 feet off the ground inside the top of the St. Louis Arch.
Top of Lookout Mountain, looking down at the Tennessee River at Chattanooga. Point Park on top of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.
Stone Mountain outside of Atlanta, GA. Mountain carvings (l-r): Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson.
Revved up and ready to get on with the PGM student convention. Eric Knutson in action.
(l-r) Eric Knutson, Dr. Karlen, Cassie McCutcheon, Jen Johnson, Mary Beth Peters,
 Heather Hegi, Aric Butterfield, Michaela Dolphin, Becky Hafer, Dr. Bertolas.
Lining up at the CNN Center in Atlanta, GA.
Martin Luther King historic district in Atlanta, GA. When will we get back to Wayne?