2002 PGM National Triennial Convention
Atlanta , Georgia

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PGM students from WSC toast to their good health at the Convention
Banquet  (l-r) Carol Baier, Todd Baier, Kim Bowman, Dr. Bertolas, Jon Meduna
and two unidentified students from other schools - 24 October 2002.

Matt Truckenmiller is excited to explore the St. Louis Arch along the Missouri River,
also known as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.  23 October 2002.

Stone Mountain outside Atlanta.  24 October 2002.
(l-r) Todd Baier, Carol Baier, Dr. Bertolas, Wendi Sazama, Reid Weber,
Kim Bowman, Stacy Johnson, Jon Meduna, Sandy Maillie.

Visiting the tomb of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Atlanta.  26 October 2002.

Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.  26 October 2002.

Dr Bertolas and Dr Karlen at the Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta.  
26 October 2002.

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