Applying for a Job with a Geography Degree

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Many web sites allow you to survey the job market, post your resume, or apply for a job.  These links are provided to help you in doing just that.  Remember, few job announcements will start with Geographer Wanted.  But your Geography degree and skills may make you an excellent candidate for a variety of positions.

   Nebraska Career Connections
Funded by a grant awarded under the President's High Growth Job Training Initiative.

Geography Jobs
A service to job seekers whose education and professional focus is related to the field of geography

GeoCommunity: Career Center
GIS, geospatial, and programming job and resume postings.  Also, useful pointers to employment resources.
A member of the network.  Provides information about jobs in Omaha and around Nebraska.

Try or for starters.
Use the Search function to look for Geography or other related positions.
Has many job openings aimed at college graduates.  Also allows you to post your resume.

The Omaha Chamber
Part of their mission is to link jobs seekers with job opportunities in Nebraska, especially in the Omaha area.

Nebraska Game and Parks
Information about jobs at Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, with links to other Nebraska employment resources.

Job Hunt-Nebraska
Do some serious in-state networking.  Have your resume ready.

Carney, Sandoe & Associates
CS&A recruits teachers for placement in private, independent schools across the US and abroad. Geography Careers Page
This site has great links and information regarding Geography job opportunities.

GIS Careers
A new site that lists GIS jobs nationwide and also allows you to submit your resume. or or GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
Check out job opportunities in GIS/Computer Mapping or apply for a job.

Geosearch, Inc.
Recruiting technical, management, sales, and marketing professionals in GIS.

Department Store Applications
Employment resources, online applications, and job listings for many of the top department store retailers across the US.

U.S. State Department
Information on the Foreign Service Exam and Internship opportunities.

U.S. Census Bureau
Information on jobs at the U.S. Census Bureau.  Plenty of Geographers work here.

U.S. Department of Agriculture
Information on USDA Career Services and Internship opportunities.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Information on careers and employment opportunities.

USA Jobs 
Information on careers with the federal government.

Overseas Teaching Opportunities
A list of recruiting agencies providing opportunities to teach abroad.

Teaching English in China
Any college graduate or student (native English speakers only) may apply.
Gain teaching experience, build up your resume, and see a dynamic and rapidly changing China.