Tips for getting a job in Geography.

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Plan for your career.
As a student, develop a professional interest in Geography and geographic issues by improving your knowledge, skills, and contacts over several years.  

Prepare an effective Resume.
A resume is an attention-getting device so you need to think about your readerFocus on creating a relevant summary of what you bring to the table.

Seek and find an Internship.
One of the surest ways to land a good job is to land a good internship.  Start looking early for a good internship.

Join local, national and international professional organizations.
The Association of American Geographers is a professional scientific and educational society of +8,000 members.
The National Council for Geographic Education works to enhance the status and quality of geography teaching.

Plan your job search.
Research, Mailing, and Follow up.  Target a dozen companies or organizations that might hire someone with your background.  Research them, prepare customized cover letters for the target firms, and follow up immediately via phone after the arrival of your letter.  If nothing is available, ask them for referrals to other divisions in the company or other companies.  Planning and persistance are the keys.

Job search on the Internet
Here are some links on the internet where you can start your job search.  Keep in mind, though, that most jobs are filled without ever being advertised and often go to someone who has talked her or his way into the job!
Most of all don't get discouraged - It's a job finding a job!