Geography Awards
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Gamma Theta Upsilon
Excellence in Geography Award
This award is annually presented to an outstanding member of the Lambda Zeta chapter at Wayne State College.  Criteria for this award include academic performance, moral character, and contributions to Geography at WSC.
National Council for Geographic Education
Excellence in Scholarship Award
This award is annually presented in recognition of outstanding academic achievement in Geography based on performance, grade point average, dedication, enthusiasm, participation, and service to the program area.
GTU Excellence in Geography Recipient Year
Matthew Alexander
Lisa Sjuts
Zachary Haas 2012
Zachary Kalina 2011
Jacob Schulzkump 2010
Becky Hafer 2009
Mark Hamilton 2008
Matthew Pernicek 2007
Linda Teach 2006
Matthew Pernicek 2005
Roy M. Zach 2004
Mike Stone 2003
Stacy Johnson 2002
NCGE Excellence in Scholarship Recipient Year
Zachary Kalina 2012
Thomas Warzywak 2011
Becky Hafer 2010
Heather Hegi 2009
Michaela Dolphin 2008

Lisa Sjuts  2013

Zachary Haas  2012 Zachary Kalina  2012

Zachary Kalina  2011 Thomas Warzywak  2011

Jacob Schulzkump  2010 Becky Hafer  2010

Becky Hafer  2009 Heather Hegi  2009

Mark Hamilton  2008 Michaela Dolphin  2008

Matthew Pernicek  2007

Linda Teach  2006

Matthew Pernicek  2005

Roy M. Zach  2004

Mike Stone  2003

Stacy Johnson  2002