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After surviving a first-round scare, the dominating "Cahokians" won the third annual WSC Geography Bowl on November 12, 2013.  From l-r: GeoBowl organizer Dr. Rawlings, GeoBowl host Dr. Bertolas, Loren Goettsch, and Zeke Stephens.

In 2012 while at WSC, Zachary Kalina won a $1,000 GTU national scholarship to help with studying toward a Master's in Geography at Southern Mississippi University.  Later, he also served 2 years as one of the Student Representatives on the GTU National Executive Committee.
The high-reaching "Globe Trotters" won the second annual WSC Geography Bowl on November 1, 2012 in crushing fashion.  From l-r: GeoBowl host Dr. Bertolas, Matt Macoubrie, Nick Zimmerman, Andrew Stewart, and GeoBowl organizer Dr. Rawlings.

Dr. Melissa Connor of Nebraska Wesleyan University speaking on “Mass Grave Evidence of Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity” detailing her research in the Balkans.  With Dr. Rawlings (left) and GTU VP Gabe Gauthier on September 28, 2011. Team KGB wins the first annual Geography Bowl on November 17, 2011 beating out seven other teams.  From l-r: Gabe Gauthier, Zachary Kalina, and Ben Polacek.

Dr. Michael Peterson of the University of Nebraska-Omaha speaks on "Global Perspectives of Geospatial Technologies" on April 1, 2010 and
introduced by Becky Hafer.
In 2009, Heather Hegi won the nationally prestigious
Richason Scholarship Award from GTU.  She received
$1000 to help her attend the Masters in GIS program
at the University of Minnesota.

Geography Festival speakers on March 17, 2010
(l-r) Brian Bruckner (LENRD), Dr. Tinnon (WSC),
Nate Dougherty (COE).
Speaker is Dr. Charles Gritzner of South Dakota State University speaking on "Tacky Landscapes" on March 3, 2010 and introduced by Becky Hafer.

Dr. Charles Gildersleeve, Professor of Geography at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, gave a talk on "Historical Geography of the Dominican Republic" on February 8, 2007.  Dr. Gildersleeve is seen above doing research on barbecue restaurants in Birmingham, AL.
The first Geography Festival gathering of alumni and speakers on November 5, 2009.  (front, l-r) Cara Watchorn, Heather Hegi, Marisa Hingst, Whitnea Cline, Troxl Miner, (back, l-r) Dr. Tinnon, Brian Bruckner, Norm Small, Nate Dougherty, Mark Hamilton, Roy Zach, and Dr. Bertolas.

Norman Small (l) and Victor Johnson (r), Pi Gamma Mu President and VP, present awards to participating organizations in the 2005 Festival of Trees charity fundraiser.  The GTU tree is in the backround.
10 December 2004.
Norman Small (l) presents a fundraising award to GTU President Matthew Pernicek (r) for the GTU entry in the 2004 Festival of Trees.  All proceeds from the Festival go toward buying gifts for children of local families in need.
10 December 2004.


Geography Awareness Week 2005 -- GEO-Challenge
1.  Name a country located entirely north of the Equator.  several answers
2.  In surface area, what is the largest ocean in the world?  Pacific
3.  Which one of the Great Lakes lies entitely within the United States?  Michigan
4.  What is the largest Nebraska county in area?  Cherry
5.  Which of the lower 48 U.S. states contains the northernmost point?  Minnesota

Geography Awareness Week Speakers Community Service
Dr. Bertolas (c) introduces KMEG Broadcast Meteorologist Paul Hagar (l) who spoke on "Global Warming--How Can You Come to an Informed Opinion?" as GTU President Roy Zach (r) looks on. 19 November 2003. Jarrod Knudsen and Dr. Randy Bertolas present Darla Munson of the Wayne Elementary School with classroom supplies requested by teachers and funded bydonations from GTU members.  
11 December 2003.

Geography Awareness Week 2003 -- GEO-Challenge
1.  The Negev Desert is primarily found in what country?  Israel
2.  What letter of the alphabet does not appear in the name of any U.S. state?  "Q"
3.  In which Nebraska county will you find the state’s highest elevation?  Kimball
4.  What is the only U.S. state capital without a McDonalds restaurant?  Montpelier, VT
5.  More people speak Portuguese in this country than any other in the world.  Brazil

Paul and Pam Knudsen of South Sioux City, Nebraska are very pleased at their son's induction into Gamma Theta Upsilon.
4 December 2003.
  2003-04 GTU Pres. Roy Zach receives the Robert G. Foote Outstanding Student in Geography Award from Dr. Bertolas.  
25 April 2003.