WSC Geography Internship Assignment           
The following criteria apply to students registered for GEO 497 and superivised by Professor Bertolas.

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1.  You must be properly registered in GEO 497 for 3-6 credits.  Regardless of the number of credit hours, the Internship requires a minimum of 250 contact hours, subject to scheduling by the host agency.  Interns are responsible for their own transportation, housing, and incidental expenses, plus the appropriate tuition and fees.  The host agency will establish the expected mode of dress and decorum and students failing to adhere to those standards may have their internship canceled or modified by the host agency or Dr. Bertolas.  

2.  The Intern’s WSC GEO 497 grade is based on ALL of the following: Journal, Evaluation, Paper.
    A. Journal: A hand written or typed record of daily activities; may be in the form of a dated notebook.  However, interns are reminded to adhere to the agency standards of confidentiality.  If in doubt about what you are including, ask the agency supervisor.
    B. Evaluation: The intern will be evaluated via the agency's own performance evaluation form or by use of the WSC Geography Internship Evaluation Form, available from Dr. Bertolas.  Evaluation is done at the completion of the internship, signed by the supervisor of the internship, and returned to Dr. Bertolas.
    C. Paper: This paper describes the mission and organizational structure of the agency, details the intern’s responsibilities, and explains what projects and activities the intern worked on (while still respecting confidentiality) as well as the benefits of the internship to the intern.  The paper will be approximately 10-20 pages, typed, and include examples of work included as appropriate.  The paper is due within two weeks of the end of the internship.

3.  Pay and benefits:  Not all private sector internships are paid positions, and public sector internships often are unpaid or paid at a training wage level.  Any pay and benefits for interns are negotiated items between the intern and the host agency.  Interns are responsible for properly reporting their income on their taxes.

4.  Confidentiality:  Interns are expected to adhere to the host agency standards of confidentiality, including in the journal and paper.

5.  Communication:  Interns are required to keep Dr. Bertolas informed of their whereabouts, provide a contact telephone number, and supply any changes of address or assignment.  Problems, if they arise, should be dealt with by the host agency supervisor or, if appropriate, Dr. Bertolas.  Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the workplace rules and norms, and with the WSC Student Handbook.