Internship in Geography  
GEO 497   3-6 credits

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Students may apply for an internship during any semester.  An internship involves being placed in a public or private agency where the student can apply the methods and content of geography in order to gain insight into the connection between academic study and work experiences.  The information offered here is specific only to the criteria used by Professor Bertolas when supervising a student internship.
Guidelines and FAQ regarding internships at WSC.
Bertolas' course requirements / grading criteria for an internship.
WSC Geography Internship Evaluation Form used by hiring agency.
Testimonials and experiences from past Geography Program Area interns.
New York Times article entitled, "Sometimes Interns Don't Make the Grade."

Where employers look for new hires--
  1. Internship programs
  2. Cooperative programs with universities
  3. On-campus recruiting
  4. Career/job fairs
  5. Faculty contacts
  6. Employee referrals
  7. Student organizations and clubs
  8. Schools' Web postings
  9. Company Web postings
10. Career office's printed posting
11. Resumés from career offices
12. Recruitment advertising
13. Internet job sites
14. Internet resumé listings
15. Online job fairs

National Association of Colleges and Employers 2004 Job Outlok survey.