GEO 410 Hazards and Disasters  Map Assignments

There are three (3) individual map assignments in Bertolas' Hazards and Disasters (GEO 410/510) class.  See course syllabus for map due dates.

Every registered student has access to both base maps and lists of items to be placed on the base maps.  Use your textbook or an atlas to locate the geographic items listed for each map assignment.  Indicate and label these items on the outline maps you are provided in the g drive. 
Remember, you are being graded on both placement accuracy and clarity / neatness of maps.  

How do you gain access to the map assignment materials?  Simple.  Make certain you are registered for GEO 410.  Log into the Internet at any computer connected to a printer and launch Internet Explorer (might not work on Mozilla Firefox).  Follow these instructions:

Go to  
Log into your e-campus account using your username and ID.
Once in your account, click on G Drive > classes > 2014_Spring_1_GEO_041001  (or
2014_Spring_1_GEO_051001) > click on course_materials

Single-click on the item you wish to access.  When the dialogue box pops up, click once on "Open."  Print in black & white.
For the first map assignment you will need to access and print out both
Basemap 1 Hazards and Map Items #1 Hazards .
Remember, printing out each item in black & white provides best results.  

Some map item lists require you to print out and complete more than one map:
Map Items #1 Hazards will require only Basemap 1 Hazards
Map Items #2 Hazards will require only Basemap 2 Hazards
Map Items #3
  Hazards will require only Basemap 3 Hazards

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