Review Sheet for Exam 1 in Computer Mapping

This is a general list of items to know for Exam 1.
Disclaimer:  This list is not intended to be a complete itemization of all questions on this exam.  
However, knowing this material will serve as a good starting point in preparation for study.

Be able to identify, know the meaning of, or otherwise give examples of the following:

Introduction (Chapter 1)
So, what good are maps?
·  recording
·  navigating
·  communicating
·  pattern recognition
·  historical documentation
So, what is a map?
·  Concrete or abstract representation of the Earth’s surface.
·  What is included, what is not?
What is cartography?
·  Art; science; technology.
·  Study of maps and mapmaking.
Real vs. Virtual Maps?
Virtual Maps
What is a mental map?
·  The “mind’s eye.”
·  Memorized routes or landmarks.
·  Concept of residential preference?
Common Map Elements: what traits do most maps share?
·   title
·   legend
·   neatline
·   scale
·   orientation
·   inset?
Types of Maps: what kinds of maps are out there?
Be prepared to give examples of each type below.
·  planimetric
·  topographic
·  thematic
·  cartograms
·  remotely sensed images
Making a map
So, is mapping an Art or a Science?

Basic Mapping Processes (Chapter 2)
What is Geodesy?
Shape of the Earth?  Size?
·  For most purposes, a sphere.
·  Exceptions?
-- ellipsoid
-- geoid
Where are you?
What does a Geodesist do?
·  You mean the Earth isn’t round?
·  The “Geoid”
How do we know Earth is spherical?
·  Circumstantial evidence
·  Eratosthenes
Locational System: Find yourself in Geography!
·  What is a graticule?
·  latitude and longitude
·  parallels and meridians
·  Equator and Prime Meridian
What is a Great Circle?
Why do we survey the Earth?
·  To provide an accurate framework for the maps we create.
Types of surveys?
·  Geodetic control
·  Plane
What is an Analemma?
Why did we create time zones?
What happens at the International Date Line?

Computer-Assisted Cartography (Chapter 19)
-- Advantages and disadvantages of computer mapping over pen and ink maps?
Geographic Information Systems
-- Difference between Computer Mapping and GIS?
How does the map get into the computer?
-- Digitizing
-- Scanning
-- Labeling
-- Geocoding
Data Capture
--Raster Digitizing
--Vector Digitizing
What are the differences between these two methods?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?
-- Digital Chart of the World
-- Digital Line Graph (USGS)
-- Digital Elevation Model (USGS)
-- Digital Orthophotos
-- Digital Orthophoto Quad (USGS)
-- Digital Raster Graphic (USGS)
U.S. Census Bureau Databases
-- DIME Coding System
-- TIGER Map Data Format
Accuracy Issues
-- Scale
-- Joining seams
-- Metadata

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