Computer Mapping

GEO 435     
Professor Bertolas

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Description of Course:
The ability to map data is becoming ever more important in today’s workplace.  This course introduces basic concepts and techniques for the manipulation, analysis, and graphic representation of spatial information.  Creating maps via computer allows the user to visualize information from a variety of fields (e.g., business, real estate, physical sciences, etc.) in ways that reveal relationships, patterns and trends not visible using other presentation methods.  Students will create maps and learn to operate ESRI’s ArcGIS mapping software.

1.  To become familiar with the concepts and network resources of Computer Mapping.
2.  To understand the organization of spatial and non-spatial information in mapping.
3.  To understand the role of personal computers in handling geographic information.
4.  To become familiar with ESRI’s ArcView software data entry, storage, retrieval, and output.
5.  To produce effective computer-drawn maps and graphics.

Bertolas’ Teaching Philosophy: “I love to learn but I hate being taught.”
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Map Use and Analysis by Campbell, 2001 (4th ed.).  
GISTutorial: Workbook for ArcView 9 by Gorr and Kurland, 2007 (2nd ed., Updated for ArcGIS 9.3).


Regular attendance is expected.  Frequently missing class may seriously hurt your chance of passing the course.

Three exams, weekly lab participation and a final student mapping project/class presentation.

 300 = 3 Exams x 100 pts. each
 100 = Lab work (10 labs x 10 pts. each)
 100 = Final Map Project
 500 = Maximum possible points

>  435  (87%) A
>  425  (85%) A-
>  410  (82%) B+
>  385  (77%) B
>  375  (75%) B-
>  360  (72%) C+
>  335  (67%) C
>  325  (65%) C-
>  310  (62%) D+
>  285  (57%) D
>  275  (55%) D-
<  274  = no credit

Graduate Students: There are additional requirements for this course.  See instructor.

Note: Under S-NC option, a minimum of C (335 points) is required to pass.

Extra credit: There is none.  None is assigned, none is accepted.

 In order to help you do your best in class, please inform me of any conditions that may require modification of seating, testing, or other practices.

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