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Description of Course:
The internal logic of geographical study has tended to split the field into two parts: 'Physical Geography' and 'Human Geography.'  This course in Human Geography will deal with cultural differences and spatial interaction within and between different religious, linguistic, and ethnic groups.  In addition, we will discuss the Where and Why of various belief systems, folk customs, and landscape patterns.  Always, the course will focus on the human organization of space as well as the impact of human culture (both material and non-material) upon the environment.

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402-375-7018  (Bertolas' office in Connell Hall 237)
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Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities by Fellmann, Bjelland, Getis, and Getis.  12th ed., 2013

1.  To provide a framework necessary for understanding spatial-cultural relationships.
2.  To read and learn about human geography from some of the classic works in geographic literature.
3.  To explore settlement/social patterns of different types of cultural and vernacular landscapes around the world.
4.  To acquire a global perspective into important and often controversial topics dealing with human geography.

Regular attendance is expected.  Frequently missing class may seriously hurt your chance of passing the course.
NOTE: Use of cell phones, laptops, ear buds, etc. in class is strictly prohibited.

Three exams plus a final exam, equally weighted and 100 points each.  Make-up exams are not automatic.

Make-up exams are not automatic.
If you miss an exam, or believe you need to be excused from one, contact the instructor ASAP!

Explanation Paper
The key to any good Explanation Paper is to pick a good question.  Blend concepts that you learn in class to produce a question that is interesting to you personally, for instance.  The question must be broad enough to allow you to research widely, yet focused enough to prevent the paper from becoming too long.  This paper could form the foundation for further research in an Honors Paper or could complement research in another class.

  ** Note DUE DATES for assignments -- late homework will be penalized at least two points per day past due!

200 = 4 Exams x 50 each
  20 = Your Resume (Vita)
  30 = Internet Homework Assignment
  50Explanation Paper
300 = Maximum possible points

>  279  (93%) A
>  270  (90%) A-

>  261  (87%) B+
>  249  (83%) B
>  240  (80%) B-
>  231  (77%) C+
>  219  (73%) C
>  210  (70%) C-
>  201  (67%) D+
>  189  (63%) D
>  180  (60%) D-
<  179  = no credit

Note:              Under S-NC option, a minimum grade of C (219 points) is required to pass this course.
Extra credit:   There is none.  None is assigned, none is accepted.
Note DUE DATES for assignments -- late homework will be penalized two points per day past due!

STUDENT ASSISTANCE:  In order to help you do your best in class, please inform the instructor of any conditions that may require modification of seating, testing, or other practices.  In addition, be aware that Wayne State College provides many services to assist students.  Conn Library has computers to aid in research and librarians to assist you.  STRIDE and the Learning Center, both located in the Student Center, provide advice in test-taking and help in writing term papers (e.g., working with word processing software, formats, punctuation, bibliographies, etc.). The Counseling Center can assist in career planning, stress management, and individual/group counseling.

 * Your peers’ #1 key to success?  Read assigned chapters in advance of the discussion.
 * What is on the exams?  Lecture and text material, map information, and handout data.
 * Missed class?  You are responsible for obtaining any notes/distributed course materials.
 * Need a Grade Report filled out?  See me at my office (Connell 237) during office hours.

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