GEO 120  World Regional Geography -- Professor Bertolas

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World Wide Web Assignment       DUE DATE: Check your syllabus.

Purpose:  To familiarize students with geographic topics to be discussed in upcoming class meetings. 

NOTE:  I strongly recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your Web browser on this exercise.

WWW Exercise #1
Log into the U.S. Census Bureau International Data Base at:

U.S. and World Population Clocks are statistically estimated and updated at this site every few minutes.

1)  According to the Bureau, what is the most current estimate of U.S. population? (include UTC time and date given)

2) What is the most current estimate of world population?  (include GMT date and time given)  Refresh the page and look again.

Click on the words Total Midyear Population of the World: 1950 to 2050. (click under Tables, do NOT click on the graphs)

3)  When Professor Bertolas was born, the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn, there were only 48 U.S. states, and the world’s total midyear population was estimated to be 2,891,211,793.  In what year was Professor Bertolas born?

4)  What was Earth’s estimated total midyear population the year you were born?    

5)  What will Earth’s estimated total midyear population be in 2050?

WWW Exercise #2
Learn about Taiwan by going to at:

 Read the Infoplease page and answer the following questions:

6)  What was the name given to Taiwan by the Portuguese, and what was the translation of this name?

7)  After Portuguese exploration, Taiwan was colonized by two other European countries.  Name them.

8) In what year did the People's Republic of China (PRC) replace Taiwan at the United Nations?

9)  From this site and your text, explain the differences (geographic or otherwise) between the PRC and Taiwan.

WWW Exercise #3
Log into The CIA at the following Internet address:

After it opens, click on The World Factbook.  This site is a great place to begin researching a country.
Find Indonesia.

10)  According to the CIA World Factbook, what is Indonesia’s estimated population and largest religious group?

11)  Now calculate the total number (not total percent) of persons in Indonesia who practice the above religion.

12)  In what year did Indonesia declare its independence and from who?

WWW Exercise #4

FOCUS on these directions:

Click on to go to the New York Times "Mapping the 2010 U.S. Census" page.

The magnifying tool (above and to the left of the map) will allow you to view the lower 48 U.S. states in the window.
The "Change in Population since 2000" legend on the left explains the meaning of the map colors.
Below the population change legend, you may select (and zoom into) any individual state. Now answer these questions:

13)  What was the change in Nebraska's population from 2000-2010?  Which state experienced the greatest increase in population during this period?

Now zoom in on the state of Nebraska and answer these questions:

14)  Which Nebraska county experienced the greatest % increase in population from 2000-2010?  Which county experienced the greatest decrease?

15)  Find Wayne County.  What was the % change in Wayne County's population from 2000-2010?

16)  In your own words and based only on the map pattern, describe the movement of population within Nebraska from 2000-2010.

  If you are using the Answer Sheet below, please COPY, PASTE, and massage it onto a one page document to hand in.

ANSWER SHEET.  Hand in ONLY this page.  Name ___________________  Section ____

1) U.S. Population:      date __________     time __________     population ______________

2) World Population:    date __________     time __________     population ______________

3) Bertolas’ birth year?  ________________

4) World population estimate in your birth year?  year _______   population _______________

5) World population estimate in the year 2050?    _________________________________

6) Taiwan: former name?  _____________  Translation?  ________________________

7) Taiwan colonizers:  ____________     ____________

8) PRC replaces Taiwan at UN?  _____________

9)  Differences between Taiwan and China?   ___________________________________



10)  Indonesia’s est. population?  ___________________  Largest religious group? __________

11)  Total number of Indonesians who practice the above religion?  _____________________

12)  Legal Independence Year?  _______________ Former colonizer? _________________

13)  Change in Nebraska's population from 2000-2010?  _______%     State with greatest % change? _______________

14)  County with greatest % change in population?  ________________    Smallest % change in population? ____________

15)  Wayne County % change in population? ______________

16)  Describe Nebraska pattern:  ______________________________________________________