World Regional Geography
Sample Exam Questions

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Exam 1:
1.  All of the following are on a list of the world's ten most populous countries EXCEPT for:
 A. Nigeria     B. Pakistan     C. Germany     D. Japan.

2.  States first began to develop:
A.  in areas where cities could command their hinterlands.   
B.  near glaciers.
C.  in open areas between empires.   
D.  on the eastern seaboard of the United States.

3.  Approximately what percent of the world's population lives in developing countries?
A.  10%     B.  20%     C.  40%     D.  50%     E.  80%

4.  What is the world's current annual rate of population change (natural increase)?
A.  0.0%     B.  0.6%     C.  1.2%     D.  3.5%     E.  5.0%

5.  Which of these statements is TRUE of the European region (as defined in the text)?
A.  Europe is bounded on all sides by oceans or seas.
B.  Europe excludes Turkey and Russia
C.  Europe is not part of Eurasia.
D.  Europe extends westward to the Ural Mountains.

True or False.

6.  Romance languages initially evolved primarily from Greek.

7.  Europe is smaller in area, but larger in population, than the United States.

8.  Scotland and Wales are subdivisions of England.

9.  About 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is ocean.

10.  On a Mercator projection, Greenland appears larger than South America.

 1.  C
 2.  A
 3.  E
 4.  C
 5.  B

 6.  F
 7.  T
 8.  F
 9.  T
10. T