Explorers Club
The Pipestone National Monument Trip on March 25, 2006.

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Explorers visit nearest national monument to WSC in SW Minnesota. Stef and Jerrica get right to work cutting real pipestone rock.
Explorers wondering when summer will come.    Icicle fight!  Wa-hoo!
Whitnea Cline scales the big waterfall. Josh Zimmerman finds crawdad life in the early spring waters.
Josh and Mark at Pipestone Creek. Not a day for Explorers to go swimming.
Mark Polenske stands atop "The Oracle." Jerrica and Stef accidentally become wedged in the rocks.
Hungry Explorers feast after their Pipestone adventure. Cara and Kristi say, "Next fall's trip will be a barn-burner!"
On their way back to WSC, Explorers visit the falls at Sioux Falls.