Explorers Club
The Omaha Zoo Expedition, 19 March 2005.
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Explorers prepare to navigate the Omaha Zoo.

Dr. Bertolas and the World.

Kristi Voelker and Sophie Dubas are really having fun.

Victor Johnson tries to get Matt Pernicek interested in the "killer ducks."

A prairie dog is on the alert for Explorers.

Hungry Explorers eat their meat and cheese like animals.

A sun bear ignores the Explorers.

Three siblings behaving like cats everywhere.

Matt Pernicek fuels up for more exploring with a loose meat sandwich.  Mmm, mmm!

Colorful birds preen for the Explorers.

Explorers are fascinated by the big cats.

A three-legged Indochinese tiger shows off her cubs.

Professor Thomas makes a new friend.

Hello there!

Jason McAlexander loves the waterfall at the Lied Jungle.
Next year, Dr. Bertolas will hold the camera steady!

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