Explorers Club Officers and Activities
A proud heritage of hard working club officers and good times.

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2007-08 Explorers Club Vice-President Hope Greenwood (l) and President Whinea Cline (r) are exhausted from feeding fish at the Grove Trout Rearing Station. 2009-10 Explorers Club President Alicia DeGarmo (l) and Vice-President Chelsea Schrage (r) plan to lead students on great educational adventures.
2006-07 Explorers Co-Presidents Cara Watchorn and Kristi Voelker (right) discuss where they want to go on the Club's next adventure.   Mark Polenske receives the "Field Trip Award" from Dr. Bertolas as Kristi (left) and Cara watch.  Mark traveled on over a dozen school sponsored field trips in his WSC career.

2005-06 Officers Josh Zimmerman and Mark Polenske eagerly plan the next adventure.
"We're going where?!" asks an incredulous Prof. Thomas.

Spring 2004 Bake Sale to raise money for the Lincoln Expedition - 23 February.
Is it possible to have too much fun in the Explorers Club?!

Club officers receive certificates and road atlases at Spring 2003 Social Sciences Awards Day.  (l-r, Jarrod Knudsen, Prof. Thomas, Prof. Bertolas, Katie Kruger)
2003-04 Club officers Katie Kruger and Jarrod Knudsen gleefully plan the next Explorers Club trip.