The 2004 Explorers Club Trip
to the Black Hills of South Dakota, Oct. 1-3
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At Mt. Rushmore (l-r) Prof. Bertolas, Josh Zimmerman, Max Wilde, Mark Polenske, Jen Dockter, Andy Costa, Prof. Thomas.

"Fueling Up"  (l-r) Josh Zimmerman, Max Wilde, Andy Costa, Jen Dockter, Mark Polenske, Michelle Bausch.

(l-r) Jason McAlexander, Andy Costa, Josh Zimmerman, Trent Kyncl, Max Wilde, Mark Polenske, Brian Franzone, Carla Veik.

Pronghorns at peaceful rest, Custer State Park, SD

Taking pictures of semi-tame burros at Custer State Park.  (l-r) Andy Costa, Josh Zimmerman, Jen Dockter, Kerri Anderson.

(l-r) Trent Kyncl, Kristi Voelker, Andy Costa and Victor Johnson try to sneak up on the bison herd at Custer State Park.

Tatanka! Tatanka!  Bison herd at Custer State Park.


Explorers Club goes underground at Wind Cave National Park.

Prof. Bertolas under attack by prairie artwork.
Checking out "Carhenge" near Alliance, NE.