Explorers Club Fall 2011 Trip Itinerary
All times approximate, and also subject to change just for fun.

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Friday, September 9

  7:00 am – Departure by school vans.  Meet on east side of WSC Lot #10 near Providence Medical Center.

11:30 pm – Lunch in Chamberlain, SD at Subway (Exit 265, 402 East King 605-234-4166).

  2:00 pm – Arrive at Badlands National Park.

  4:00 – Depart Badlands.

  7:00 pm – Arrive at Mt. Rushmore Presidents View Resort Motel (888-326-6695) in Keystone, SD.
    Dinner on your own (motel is on historic 1880s boardwalk—several eateries available nearby).

Saturday, September 10

  7:30 am – Depart Keystone on the Iron Mountain Road (U.S. 16A).  
Eat breakfast before departure if desired.

  8:30 am – Arrive at the headquarters of Custer State Park.  Briefly tour display cases.

  9:00 am – Begin driving Custer State Park Wildlife Loop.

11:00 pm – Arrive at Blue Bell Lodge (605-255-4531) for group sit-down lunch (menu entrées from $10-15).

12:15 pm – Depart Blue Bell Lodge for Wind Cave National Park.

  1:00 pm – Arrive at Wind Cave National Park (605-745-4600) for underground guided cave tour ($9 per person).

  1:30 pm – Natural Entrance Cave Tour enters by going down 300 steps and exits by elevator.  Lasts 1¼ hour.

  3:00 pm – Depart Wind Cave National Park.

  4:30 pm – Arrive at Mt. Rushmore.  
  7:30 pm – Dinner on your own either at Mt. Rushmore or later in Keystone.

Sunday, September 11

  7:30 am – Depart motel.  

  9:00 am – Breakfast at Wall Drug, SD (one hour stop).  Shop at your own risk!

  5:00 pm – Arrive back at WSC.