Explorers Club
North Shore of Lake Superior, September 11-13, 2009.
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Interstate State Park in Wisconsin, on the Ice Age Trail. Liz Fajman has fallen, and she can't get out!
Examing a swarm of "potholes" along the St. Croix River gorge. Explorers always obey the rules.
Gooseberry River flows over Upper Falls into a deep pool below. Lower Falls offers spectacular evidence of glacial scouring.
"Hoppy" Baker loves the Lower Falls. Explorers swim at the mouth of the Gooseberry River.
Split Rock Lighthouse was built in 1910 to guide ships safely past. Anorthosite cliff edge scares Andrew Rotherham and Cody Sperl.
Billion-year-old basaltic lava flows were later ground down by glaciers. Alicia "Ruth" DeGarmo thinks that Explorers Club really ROCKS!

Where will the Explorers Club travel next year?