Explorers Club
Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, September 19-21, 2008.
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Bailey classification yard at North Platte--the world's largest! Explorers love group pictures because they make great memories.

After 600 miles we're finally going into the promised land. A chilly morning at Horseshoe Park where "bugling" elk reside.
Let sleeping bull elk lie!!  This big boy has a nearby harem of cows. Through "van bonding" the Explorers become friends for life.
The beauty of Bear Lake reflects Hallett Peak. Brad Cornell and Prof. Ellis pause for a break next to Bear Lake.
Heather Hegi and Becky Hafer are exhausted from strenuous hiking. Long's Peak pokes through behind a group of wet Explorers.
Explorers examine evidence of recent weather on Trail Ridge Road. Top of the world, Ma!

Where will the Explorers Club travel next fall?