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Classes I Teach

CNA 220-320-420 Radio Workshop

Radio Workshop is a hands-on application of Mass Communication coursework. While it does not have tests, quizzes, or homework, it has a classroom component that serves BOTH as radio station staff meeting time and as an instructor-guided setting for learning. Your learning will result from practical experience.

The Instructor/Advisor will guide your learning and development, and will provide advice and expertise in the issues and problems facing the station. The Instructor/Advisor should not preempt the day-to-day duties of operation and management of the station, but rather will serve as a facilitator and liaison to other entities within the college. The Instructor/Advisor must reserve the right, however, to make final decisions related to legal and regulatory requirements of the station.

CNA 162 -- Radio Production

The primary goal of the course is to give you hands-on experience using radio equipment and to develop your confidence and voice training as an announcer. Emphasis will be placed both on practical skills, and on understanding the dynamics of the radio industry. While you must know certain facts and terminology, much of your learning will result from the experience of creating radio productions. Both in classroom discussion and in assignments, you will apply what we have learned in class to analyzing audio production techniques. Portfolio submitted upon completion.

CNA 342 -- Persuasion

I will teach this for the first time in the sall of 2015. It studies contemporary theories of persuasion and their applications. Persuasive appeals in political campaigns, social movements, and advertising are examined

CNA 389 -- PhotoJournalism

This course focuses on taking LOTS of photographs during the semester, many if not all of them availablel to The Wayne Stater for publication. We take a seminar-approach to dicsussing composition, lighting, "storytelling," and other elements of good photography. Portfolio submitted upon completion.

CNA 426 -- Web & Social Media Management

An introduction to current systems and practices used in Marketing Communications to create and maintain Internet-based interactive communications with customers and constituents. Students will create content hands-on and will be able to apply a conceptual framework including branding programs, Integrated Marketing Communications, and other professional, legal, and ethical standards and practices. This course draws on prior experience with public relations writing, photography, video production, and/or other types of multimedia content creation.font>

CNA 453 -- Integrated Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication and Branding are undamental concepts in the media and corporate/organizational communication today. In addition to the practical skills you learn during this course, you will gain perspective and understanding that will allow you to be an effective part of a communication or marketing team, using branding and an integrated approach to marketing communication. This course will work in two tracks during the semester – the hands-on assignments you will complete, and the conceptual understanding of planning, implementation, and management of business/organizational communication programs.

CNA 463 - Advanced Media Writing

Coming soon. Seminar "writing community" format. Includes a broad-based grounding in stylistic elements and allows individual students to focus on specific types of writing for detailed exploration.

EPS 300 -- Media Criticism: Science Fiction and Fantasy

This class, formerly in the Educated Perspectives series, puts high emphasis on critical thinking and communication skills in the context of media criticism. Science Fiction and Fantasy tests are used, promarily from the electronic media. It may come back in a different form.