Environmental Studies Minor

The Environmental Studies Minor will first be offered during the Spring of 2004. This minor will be ideal of students preparing for careers in natural resource management and ecological conservation. This minor will also be of interest to students of any major who want the background to use their field of academic training in a environmentally-related career.

Minor in Environmental Studies: 20 hours
Course credit hours are in parentheses
A minor must include a minimum of 12 hours unduplicated by the studentís major(s):

BIO  145 Seminar in Environmental Studies (1)
BIO  345 Conservation Biology (3)
GEO 430/530 Geographic Information Systems (3)
POS 380 Public Policy (3)
SOC 420 Environmental Sociology (3)
Plus 7 hours of courses selected from the following:
BIO 104 Environmental Concerns (3)
BIO  325 Ecology (4)
BUS 418 Legal Environment of Business (3)
CHE 400 Environmental Chemistry (3)
EAS  110 Introduction to Meteorology (4)
EAS 120 Introduction to Geology (4)
ECO 360 Global Economics (3)
GEO 315 World Economic Geography (3)
PSY 316 Social Psychology (3)
SOC 355 Human Populations (3)