BIO 110, Biology Concepts

General Syllabus

Welcome to Biology Concepts this semester. This course provides an overview of biology for science majors and will provide a background for future coursework in the Life Sciences.  During this semester we will be discussing basic cell structure and function, Mendelian and molecular genetics, evolutionary biology, biological diversity, and ecosystems. To be successful in this course, you will need to stay current with the material and complete all assignments when due.

During this course, you should be able to:
· explain how the process of science has led to current biological paradigms
· identify the basic principles of biology which are the basis for further coursework in science
· evaluate the relationship between molecular/cellular biology and organismal biology
· interpret information from the text and outside reading sources
· discover more about your professional field of interest

Topics Covered

Introduction and chemical foundations
Chemistry and carbon compounds
Cells and cell membranes
Metabolism and energy-acquiring pathways
Energy-releasing pathways
Cell division, mitosis
Meiosis and patterns of inheritance
Human Genetics and DNA
Transcription and translation
Genetic engineering
History of evolutionary thought
Microevolution and speciation
Human evolution
Populations and ecosystems