Jeffrey O. Bauer

107 Carhart Science

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Course Description: The course is designed to examine the principles underlying the development and teaching of the 5-12 mathematics curriculum. Emphasis will be placed on learning theory, different curricular models, the teaching of mathematics, and assessment. The roles that national, state, and local groups play in curriculum development will also be examined.

Textbook: Teaching Secondary and Middle School Mathematics. Brahier, D.J. (2000). Allyn and Bacon; Boston, MASS. (ISBN: 0-205-28614-3)

Course Syllabus

Nebraska Standards

South Dakota Standards

Final 2008

Course Outline

  1. Mathematics Education
    1. Mathematics as a Process
    2. Learning Theories and Psychology in Mathematics Education
  2. Mathematics Curriculum
    1. Impact of National, State, and Local Groups
    2. Curricular Models
    3. Implementing a Course of Study
  3. Teaching Mathematics
    1. Responsibilities
    2. Integrating Technology
  4. Assessment
    1. Impact of National, State, and Local Groups
    2. Standards and Equity in Assessment
    3. Role of Assessment
    4. Classroom Assessment