CHE 315
A day will come in which zealous research over long periods of time will bring to light things that now still lie hidden.  The life of a single man, even if he devotes it entirely to the heavens, is insufficient to fathom so broad a field.  Knowledge will thus unfold only overt the course of generations.  But there will come a time when our descendents will marvel that we did not know the things that seem so simple to them.  Many discoveries are reserved for future centuries, however, when we are long forgotten.  Our universe would be deplorably insignificant had it not offered every generation new problems.  Nature does not surrender her secrets once and for all.

 Seneca, "Naturales quaestiones"  Book 7 (1st Century A.D.)

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  ‘Life exists in the universe only because the carbon atom possesses certain exceptional properties’   – James Jeans