Graduate Vision, Mission and Purpose


"Educational leaders and stewards inquiring, reflecting, and implementing through teaching, learning, and service"

Vision Statement

Educational stewards engage in harmonious inquiry, reflection, and implementation that contribute to the empowerment of individuals and democratic communities. The professional education unit understands the never-ending search for educational wisdom that characterizes graduates who make inquiry, reflection, and implementation habitual. The unit seeks to empower the professional educator with knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to take a leadership role in the renewal of schools. To this end, it is our vision to create and implement advanced programs that are characterized by breadth, depth, and rigor.


While recognizing that knowledge rapidly becomes obsolete in the information age, the graduate programs are broad in scope to include the array of educational issues faced by an ever-changing world and a constantly re-examined P-12 curriculum. This breadth will produce professional educators and school leaders with special abilities as well as specializations. It encompasses both an intellectual and a moral dimension in to ensure that the educational efforts of a democratic society are arranged so as to provide equal access to quality education for all children.


Although broad in design, the advanced programs focus on depth of content including knowledge of the discipline(s), applied research, the wisdom of practice, and a repertoire of techniques and tools that enable professionals to practice their craft with fervor and passion. For those with a vision for educational excellence in a restructured school system, the rigor of our programs will be a source of pride for dedicated professionals.


Mission Statement

The mission of the unit is to facilitate the development of dynamic professional educators who collaborate for the benefit of self and others, school, community, and the profession. This mission is accomplished through inquiry, reflection, excellence in teaching and learning, and regional service.



The purpose of advanced programs at Wayne State College is to prepare educational leaders and stewards who continually inquire and reflect on theory and practice to support excellence and implement responsible change. Specifically, our purpose is to prepare students for positions of leadership and stewardship in curriculum and instruction, educational administration, counseling, and special education.


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