Welcome to the Electronic Assesment Database (EAD) Support Center

Note: This screen can be open while the Electronic Assessment Database is open.

Directions to the Database:

  • Go to E-Campus
  • Click on the "Education and Counseling" web page link
  • Click the "Web Based Assessment" tab


How to Login to the Electronic Assesment Database:

  • Enter the Login name and password used every day
  • Click the Login button

The MAIN menu will appear with the following information:

Faculty:Menu E-Portfolio:Main________Current Course:None_____Current Student:
View Students
View Course
Select Course/Student
Select a Term
Create Reports

Begin by setting up the following categories (Click the Category for instructions):

MAIN - The first screen after Login.

SELECT COURSE/STUDENT - Use this category to select a course and student with which to work.
Note: Go to this category to change the course or student.

RUBRICS - Use this category to create the criteria for evaluating the Artifact.

ARTIFACTS - An Artifact is an assignment that a student completes. Use this category to select the Artifact, or document type, (Microsoft Word, HTML, Excel, Video...) that students submit to the Database. In this category Define the Artifact, Post the Artifact, and Score the Artifact.

SELECT A TERM - Use this category to select the semester of the class or student.

These categories can be used to view information about the students:

GATEWAYS- Use this category to view benchmarks (requirements) for each gateway. Also view student's progress through the gateways.

VIEW STUDENTS - Use this category to view the progress of the student through the gateways and also the progress through the course selected.

VIEW COURSE - Use this category to view a list of courses that are available for access. Also view a list of the students that are in each course.

Other categories:

CREATE REPORTS - Use this category to view reports.

LOGOUT - Select this category to Logout of the EAD (Electronic Assesment Database).




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