Clinical Practice Handbook
Pre-K through Grade 12
All Endorsements


The Clinical Practice Handbook is divided into sections. Listed below are the specific sections and a summary of their contents. Click on the section and you will be linked to the proper document. To print out the entire Handbook, you will need to open/download each separate section. Page numbers continue in order from one part to the next.


**Please note: Section V contains required forms that can be opened/downloaded individually as needed.


Cover & Table of Contents


SECTION I: General Information


Overview of Wayne State College
School of Education and Counseling
Legal Foundations for Clinical Practice
Code of Ethics


SECTION II: General Guidelines

Dates, Timelines and Phases of Clinical Practice

-Introduction to Clinical Practice and Developmental Stages
-Timeline for Assuming Teaching Responsibilities
-General outline of Teaching Phases
-Sample Timeline
-Timeframe and Placement Dates for Clinical Practice

Instruction (Planning and Reflecting)
-Planning for Instruction- An overview

-Idea Starters for Writing Reflections

-Suggestions for Journal Writing

-Videotaping a Lesson

-Lesson Plans- An Overview

Teacher Work Sample

Protocol for Absences (Policy for Serving as a Substitute)
Employment While Completing Clinical Practice


SECTION III: Responsibilities and Requirements for All Endorsements


Student Teacher General Responsibilities
Cooperating Teacher General Responsibilities
Administrator Responsibilities
College Supervisor General Responsibilities

SECTION IV: Additional Requirements for Special Education Endorsement

Required Participation

Six-step Sequence

Format for Writing Case Study Report

SECTION V: Assessment Process


Assessment Types and Protocol for Submitting Evaluations
Explanation of the Four Point Rating Scale
Supervising the Struggling Student Teacher
Termination of Clinical Practice Status



Emergency Information Form
Daily Lesson Plan Template
Reflecting on Lesson Plan and Presentation Form
Videotape Reflection Form
Weekly Conference Form
Form A- Evaluation of Lesson(s) Form
Form B- Summative Evaluation Form (SAMPLE)
Student Teacher Improvement Plan Form
Removal from Clinical Practice Form



SECTION VII: Appendix of Helpful Resources


Sample Phrases for Evaluation
Helpful Words for Writing Recommendations
Discipline in the Classroom
Effective Disciplinary Techniques

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